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Terrazzo Rock Porcelain Tile In 600x600mm With Matt Finish For Indoor and Outdoor

  • TRO WHT60M
  • TRO BEI60M
  • TRO LGY60M
  • TRO GRY60M
    • Series: Terrazzo Rock
    • Material: Porcelain Tile
    • Finished: Matt P3, with carving glaze
    • Random Face: 8
    • 4 Colors: White/ Beige/ Light grey/Grey
    • Size Available: 600×600mm/300×600mm
    • Water absorption: less than 0.1%

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    Terrazzo Rock:
    The origin of terrazzo can be traced back to Venice in the 16th century, when craftsmen took the leftover marble scraps from the renovation of luxury houses back home and randomly inlaid them in the yard.
    After such simple treatment, people got unexpected decorative effects.
    Nex-Gen Terrazzo Rock collection has a retro and industrial charm, as well as strong wear resistance, integrity and applicability. The colors are basically light beige, light gray and medium gray, which will make the space look grand, clean and tidy. The tiles can be used for indoor and outdoor wall and floor, bathroom design and furniture countertops.

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    M²/ CTN

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     600x600mm/24"×24"  4  1.44  57.6  40  1,260







    *Tiles may vary in sizing, weight, colour, pattern, veining, texture, durability, density, surface and finish from batch to batch. Slip ratings serve as an indication and may vary for each batch of tiles. It is recommended that a new test be performed for each batch of tiles if a slip rating certificate is required. The product images shown are for ilustration purposes only and are not an exact representation of the product.

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